I just got the Sony A6000. One thing I noticed right away was how sensitive the proximity sensor is on the EVF. (electric view finder) The EVF sensor is right beside the eye piece. It’s function is to turn off the screen on the back when you raise the camera to your eye. It is obvious that you want this feature, but the reality is that the sensor is too sensitive.

I did a bit of searching around on the web. I wanted to see if I was the only one experiencing this issue. I am not. There are lots of forum posts where others are questioning it. They too are seeing that the proximity sensor on their EVF is too strong.

The sensor seems to read the distance of about one to two inches from the eyepiece. That is a bit too far off the camera. What happens too is that once the viewing screen cuts off, it has a delay for coming back on. So there are a lot of false positives.

I ran into a guy on YouTube who figured out a fix for this issue. Call it a hack or a tweak, it doesn’t affect your camera’s warranty at all. You won’t be opening the camera up or messing with the electronics. You will only be blocking off a bit of the sensor to make it a bit less jumpy.


Adjusting the sensitivity of the EVF sensor

  • Get a bit of electricians tape – I like black because it wont’ be seen on the camera once you’re done.
  • You will need some scissors – You’re gonna cut a very, very small piece of tape
  • Remove the eyepiece rubber
  • The sensor seems to sense only on the bottom of the little hole. You will be blocking of a small portion of the bottom.
  • Make micro adjustments to get it to the sensitivity you’d like.