Sometimes, it simply proves impossible to find a setting or scene to prop your subjects up in front of. Whether you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options in the area or the weather is giving you bad lighting, sometimes you just need to stay inside and work from the studio.

When you find yourself working from your studio, though, it by no means has to be boring or monotonous. With these fun, DIY backdrop ideas, you’ll find yourself rekindling that creative spark.


#12 Paper Chain Links

This is among one of the simplest backdrops you can make, but it can have a truly stunning effect. You’ll use colored craft paper, scissors, and tape/glue/staples to make these links using a method that you probably used as a first grader in school.

Cutting equal-sized strips from the colored paper (in any pattern or shade you desire), you’ll loop the strips together into links, making them long enough to hang vertically or horizontally across your scene. Make multiple sets of links to cover the entire backdrop.


#11 Plastic Tablecloths

This one couldn’t get easier! Just head to your local dollar store and pick up a few different plastic tablecloths. A rainbow of colors would be a fantastic way to get started with this technique, or you can find plastic tablecloths in patterns that fit the scene you’re trying to create.

plastic tablecloth diy photo backdrop

There are a few different ways you can display the tablecloths, but one of the best is by simply unfolding them, pinching the tablecloth somewhere and then lifting it up so it drapes down. Secure them to a board one next to another, placed high enough up to cover your entire backdrop.


#10 Twinkle Lights

This is a cheap way to achieve a beautiful bokeh effect. All you need are some dangling twinkle lights from the local store. Drape them across your backdrop and light them up. With the right exposure settings, you’ll be able to pose your subject in front for a magical photo.

twinkle lights backdrop


#9 Shower Curtains

Shower curtains (and regular curtains, too!) come in all different shades, sizes, and patterns. This makes them an affordable and versatile choice for your DIY backdrop.

shower curtain diy photography backdrop

Ruffled, ombre, and so much more can be picked right off the shelf and hung up in your studio for a low-cost yet effective backdrop solution. No more expensive photography drops for you!


#8 Cotton

Who knew that bags of cotton would become your best friend as a photographer?

cotton balls diy backdrop

Paired with a solid, otherwise ordinary wall, cotton can be used to create clouds by gluing and puffing it together in pieces big enough for an infant to lay on. That makes the perfect baby backdrop! String some other large “clouds” on fishing line to complete the look, and cut out paper stars.

You can also use cotton to achieve the appearance of spun cotton candy draped across a candy-colored backdrop, which is perfect for kids, couples, and festive occasions when mixed with the right props for your subjects to hold.


#7 Quilts

A simple quilt attached to a backboard is really all it takes to turn a household item into a whimsical backdrop for your photo shoot!

quilt photography backdrop

If you don’t already have a quilt lying around, borrowing one from a friend, making one yourself, or discovering one at a local shop can make all the difference in the appearance of your next shoot.

Tribal blankets and other bedding also comes to mind. And, when all else fails, pulling out a simple solid colored sheet can save the day at your studio when simplicity is all you’re after for a shoot.


#6 Newspaper

Newspaper is one of those minimalistic decor items that can completely transform a photoshoot into something truly extraordinary.

diy photo backdrop newspapers

Whether you choose to turn the newspaper into origami to hang as an eye-catching detail, crumple it, ruffle it, or just lay it flat, there are all sorts of creative ways that newspaper can transform your next shoot.


#5 Fringe Crepe Paper

Take crepe paper, cut it into narrow, long pieces, and then fringe the bottom edge with a pair of scissors. Hang low on your backdrop and repeat, overlapping pieces so that the fringe of each covers the infringed section of the one hung previously.

crepe paper DIY backdrop for photos

Again, ombre and rainbow come to mind with this simply DIY photo backdrop idea!


#4 Yarn Balls

Looking to add interest to a solid color backdrop? Take a table cloth or shower curtain as the main backdrop and then create DIY yarn balls (with balloons as molds and glue so they hold their shape). Hang the yarn balls, in various sizes and colors, at different heights and depths in your scene.

yarn balls photo backdrop do it yourself


#3 Marshmallows

Ever wanted to give the illusion of snow? No expensive snow machines needed. Just take marshmallows and string them on fishing line and hang at different depths within your scene.

marshmallows do it yourself photo backdrop

Add in a solid white backdrop or place your subject in any setting you desire and watch the winter wonderland swirl in front of your lens. You can also use marshmallows to create beautiful wedding photo worthy backdrops.


#2 Ribbon and Lace

Simple lengths of ribbon and lace are all you need to create a fun backdrop for just about any photo shoot. Mixing the two together will give you the widest variety of patterns and colors to choose from. Just a brief thought about all the options on the market will prove to you the diversity in this simple DIY idea!

ribbon backdrop


#1 Balloons

This can make for a very festive backdrop is displayed correctly. One straight forward way to approach this is to blow up a bunch of balloons (in any color you desire) and secure them to a backboard next to one another to create a solid color or patterned backdrop for your photos.

balloons photo background diy

You can also blow them up and then attach them to fishing line at various heights to create the sense of movement, as if they are flying away mid-photo.