Write for us

We get a lot of requests from people who are asking to write on Photo Aspects. We really appreciate the requests, but most seem to be simply trying to get a link without actually providing great, useful  information to photographers.

When contacting us about offering an article, please keep the goal of the site in mind. The goal of Photo Aspects is to give free, useful information to photographers.

Here are ideas that we DO NOT WANT

  • 5 ways to [fill in the blank]  – Honestly these are completely over done.
  • 10 Great cameras that you can buy this weekend – We are not a sale site, we’ll leave that to the big boys like Amazon.
  • 5 Tips for mastering the art of outdoor photography – If you could master something with only five tips, then it’s too easy to master.
  • How to shoot an outdoor portrait? – this one isn’t horrible IF written by a true photographer. I would ask for a more specific one though. (see below)
  • 6 DSLR Techniques for Better Photography – Again, kind of generic for our site.
  • Role of Lightning in Outdoor Photos – Not horrible either other than the title.
  • Is Outdoor Photography your Passion? Make it your Profession – People who visit our site probably already are pros and don’t need convincing.

Here are some that we would consider

  • The Sun is right behind my subject. How do I light them? – Provide example photos and a behind the scenes
  • Using Flash in full sun – Again example photos and behind the scenes
  • What is the difference in focus systems? (Continuous, single, wide, etc.)

Remember, the more specific subject the better. General teaching about photography is already out there on the web. If we wanted resources like those, we would simply curate them and link to them.

What You Get

You will get an author attribution (link) back to your website.  This will help in your marketing efforts. You will also get exposure to thousands of monthly visitors.