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Sony A7000 vs A6000

UPDATE: 4-2015 ~ Bought the A6000! I have to tell you, it is my all time favorite camera!! Do I buy an A7000 or a Sony A6000? Many of you who know me or read my blog  know that I am a HUGE fan of Sony's cameras.  As a professional photographer I have over 350 weddings... read more

Sony A77 Review

Here is my review of the Sony Alpha SLT-A77VQS translucent mirrored camera "DSLR."   DSLR is in quotes because it is not a Single Lens Reflex camera.  The mirror inside the A77 is fixed and translucent and doesn't open to expose the sensor.  Rather, when a photo is... read more

Backing up your photography

Backing up your photography is just about as important as the shots themselves.  Don't learn this lesson the hard way.  It is hard to know where to post this:  Photography genius, photography mistakes?  Over the past decade of professional photography, I have seen any... read more

Light.co and the future of photography

A lesson from Drywall Yes, photographers can learn something from sheet rock "Most often, those who are against the advancement of new technology are the businesses that are fully invested in old technology." A long time ago, interior walls in homes were covered with... read more

Sony A6000 EVF Proximity Sensor Fix

I just got the Sony A6000. One thing I noticed right away was how sensitive the proximity sensor is on the EVF. (electric view finder) The EVF sensor is right beside the eye piece. It's function is to turn off the screen on the back when you raise the camera to your... read more

Being Busy Is Irresponsible!

I no longer edit my professional photos. They get edited, I just don't do the work. In just over 10 years, I have captured about 400 weddings. I have also shot countless portrait sessions. I estimate that I have had about 1.2 million shutter clicks. Culling,... read more

Professional Camera Straps Reviews

What is the best camera strap for wedding photography? Don't want to read all of my musings? Scroll down the page to my recommendations!  Many of you know that I am a professional wedding photographer. For more than a decade, I have lugged gear around to capture the... read more

Night Photography Tips – The Ultimate Guide

Contents Recommended tools for night photography Which camera do I choose? RAW vs. JPG Do I need a tripod? Tips for shooting great night photography If you want to impress yourself and your friends, open up your shutter and shoot at night. But don't be intimidated.... read more

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