If you aren’t accepting credit cards for your photography business, then you are missing out on a ton of business.  I want to explain what we have done to accept credit cards, including what we say to our clients.

A few ways to accept credit cards

  1. You can apply at a bank to accept credit cards via a swiper or over the phone.  This method allows you to accept credit cards over the phone or via a swiper.  This method is effective, but not always as safe.  We chose not to follow this method because we did not want to ever have possession of someone’s card number.  We felt that by using a third party instead, we could never be blamed for a security breach or identity theft.
  2. You can accept credit cards through PayPal or Google Checkout.  This is the route we have taken.   Why?  By accepting credit cards through Google and PayPal you never have to take a client’s credit card number yourself.  That is really nice.  Plus, you can send invoices via email or even set up payment plans (through PayPal).If you want to divide a client’s payments over 12 months to help you with your budgeting and help your clients pay their contract, then PayPal is the way to go.  Don’t have an account, click below and set one up.