Photo Booth Rentals

Photo Booth Rentals can help build your bottom line, create a reception buzz at weddings and keep you working all year long. Below I will discuss how to build a photo booth business addition to keep some money flowing all year long.

You may have seen them.  You walk into the reception and there is a photo booth.  Did it occur to you that there sits between $700 and $1,500 of revenue that your studio could have earned?

Photo booth rentals are super popular…and for good reason.  They are a ton of fun for guests, people know how they work from years of goofing off with their BFF’s in the malls and they give the guests an instant “walk-away” product.

I don’t have time to set up a photo booth

It is true that as the main (or only) photographer at a wedding, you simply don’t have time to set up a photo booth.  Considering that you will be with the bride & groom from the preceremony through the portraits, you can’t just shoot over to the reception to set up a booth. I completely agree.  But you can easily hire someone to help you or you can rent the booth through OTHER photographers in your area.

Booth operation is is not complex and most anyone can do it.  Find a qualified person (or two) that can set up and man the booth.  You will be at the reception so that you can supervise them later.  Do you have a reliable second shooter?  If so, have them recommend someone to you.  I don’t need to go on and on about finding a good, reliable contractor.  You can do it.

What are the costs to get a Photo Booth set-up?

Booths cost between $2,000 – $10,000 and will pay for themselves with a few events.  Your ongoing costs will be maintaining the booth, ink and paper.  Probably bet on $100 per event.  And, if you hire someone for setup, there will be cost of $100-$125 for that.  ($25 per hour is ample)

By making $600+ per event, you will have paid for the equipment in less than 8 events in many cases.

Here are some photo booths for sale on eBay right now.  Take a look because you can get a steal on one of these and lower the time to get ROI.

Do more events

Who says that you have to run the photo booth?  Hire someone as a contractor.  Each time you book an event, call them.  You prep the booth and the contractor, then let them do the work.

You are then multiplying yourself a bit.  Send the contractor out with your cards and keep the buzz going by printing on site with your logo and website on each photo!

Contact wedding planners / photographers / other wedding vendors

By working with local photographers and other wedding vendors, you could be at events as much as you want.   Most photographers and wedding vendors will not spend the money and want the work involved to set up and man a booth.  You offer to take that work load and investment.  The method we use is to have them set their own prices above our prices and earn themselves a part of the contract profit.

Thus, if we charge $800, then they may want to charge $1,000 for the same coverage.  That way, they make $200 for booking the event.