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Phanfare Review

As many of you probably know Phanfare is closed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phanfare No surprise here.  Below you will read an email exchange between myself and the former CEO. Here is my review of the Phanfare "Unlimited" service, which you will soon realize is...

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Colorado State Parks

Colorado State Parks have special rules regarding professional photographers shooting portrait sessions inside the parks. Which parks are Colorado State Parks?  Find Out Here! While I did not inquire about the possible enforcement and penalties you would have to pay...

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Getting the right Internet Service

Choosing the right Internet service as a photographer is crucial.  You have to look at the upload speeds, your office network and how everything is hooked up.  One piece could be causing the bottleneck. Your files will be huge...and there are a lot of them As a...

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Top Wedding Songs

The following is a list of the most popular wedding songs played at ceremonies and receptions, compiled from a survey of DJs. We broke down each section of a traditional wedding, in order, from the ceremony to the reception. Ceremony music: Prelude music: Played prior...

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