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Noah Wolf Photography

Breakdown of Groupon Mistakes See the Deal Sold for $65 - After Groupon's half = $32.50 Sold 299 Gave away one digital image Gave away a different 5x7 - That will fit on a scanner Two sessions - A total of 598 sessions for $16.25 per session after Groupon's...

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Groupon Gets Punked

Groupon gets punked Dana Dawes probably contacted Groupon and was ready to give away the farm to get some business in the door.  Groupon, always willing to "help" a photographer was all too willing to oblige by featuring Dana Dawes on September 15, 2010 on their...

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Jonathan Betz Photography

Here's the deal $49 for a one-hour session On location - client's choice in or around Colorado Springs Includes $100 in studio credit In Jonathan's deal, he says that $100 will buy you: one 11”x14” print; one 8”x10” and one 5”x7” print; one 4”x6”, one 5”x7”, and four...

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Groupon for Photographers ~ Is it worth it?

Groupon Photographers - Is it worth it?  Here are several off-site discussions about whether it is worth it or not to work with Groupon. Groupon Photography Sessions vs. Working @ McDonald's « The ...We did this in studio with the last Groupon photo offer from...

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Putting your photography business name on your car

Advertising your photography business on your car Often while I am driving, I see photographers advertising their company names on their cars. You have seen them, or worse, have the stickers on your car or in your back windshield. "Joe Blunder Photography - Weddings,...

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