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Vision Photography Groupon

Today's Groupon was Vision Photography. Take a look at today's deal from Groupon.  It is a Denver based photography studio named "Vision Photography." What I want you to notice is that they did not give away the farm and they capped the number on their deal. See the...

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Clark Berry Photography Groupon

I have known Clark for several years.  We met while shooting a wedding.  I was shooting video and Clark and his wife were the photographers.  Clark and Becki are awesome photographers and awesome people. I did not knowingly give them any advice on their Groupon, but...

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Perfectly Structured Photography Groupon

Brad Walters created the perfect Groupon.  Maybe a little tweaking could make it even better, but his deal is near perfect and will probably gross him well over 50k.  Not bad for a one day promotion and 80 clients. Check out his Groupon Deal Read through Brad's deal...

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The Biggest Mistake Ever ~ Sara Esther Photography

Sara Esther Photography Groupon Mistake Breakdown See the Deal Sold for $49 - Groupon gets $24.50 Sold a whopping 1,977 sessions.  She did not cap the deal Gave away all EDITED digital images on DVD - more editing work, more cost to her On location in Atlanta.  She...

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AH Photography Groupon

Wanna see an example of a HUGE Groupon Mistake? Breakdown of her Groupon deal Giving away 15 Digital Images - She will get no add on sales after the session. None.  We gave only three away and get no add on sales for most of them. Delivering Digital images on Disc -...

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Melissa Glynn Photography Groupon

Groupon Mistake Breakdown See the deal Sold for $65 (50% to Groupon) = $32.50 per session Sold 483 Gave away all digital images All digital images are edited increasing her work time. Will go anywhere to shoot in Austin Austin, TX is a big city.  Not as big at...

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