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Fashion Camera Bags

Women, are you tired of the same old camera bags?  Tired of carrying around something that really doesn't match your shoes or look great while you are on a shoot.  Photo Aspects has come up with several different options for you ladies who just won't sacrifice being...

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Contracting Associate Photographers

Table of Contents What is an associate photographer? Who should hire an associate? When do you hire an associate? Who is the right associate photographer? What kind of contract do you need? Additional questions! A couple of years ago I met Michael and Anna Costa when...

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Accepting Credit Cards

If you aren't accepting credit cards for your photography business, then you are missing out on a ton of business.  I want to explain what we have done to accept credit cards, including what we say to our clients. A few ways to accept credit cards You can apply at a...

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Build A Photo Booth Rentals Business

Photo Booth Rentals can help build your bottom line, create a reception buzz at weddings and keep you working all year long. Below I will discuss how to build a photo booth business addition to keep some money flowing all year long. You may have seen them.  You walk...

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Eco-Friendly Packaging

Photo Aspects caught up with Caroline Ghetes, a Chicago Photographer, and asked her about her Eco-Friendly Packaging for Photographers. Here are some of the "tough" questions we asked her about her collection. PA:I have seen your EcoFriendly Packaging and I absolutely...

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Adam and Eve Photography

First, check out Adam and Eve Photography's Groupon Deal, then return to this page.  We are wondering if they will be "Abel" to complete all of them and still stay solvent.  Okay, sorry for the pun.  Let's check out the deal and see how this might pan out for them....

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