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Photo Equipment Frauds and Scams on Amazon

First and foremost:  DON'T SEND MONEY TO OVERSEAS SELLERS UNLESS YOU ARE USING THE TYPICAL AMAZON CHECKOUT PROCEDURE. I can't believe I am going to be this cliché, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here's my story I shop for everything on Amazon. ...

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Ten-dollar off-camera flash review

Off Camera Flash Can you create some stunning off camera flash photography for under $60?  You sure can! As a professional wedding photographer, I am constantly trying to improve my work by increasing my abilities.  One of the things we learned over the past couple of...

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Flash Batteries

What are the best batteries for your camera flash? There is a lot to think about when preparing for a professional portrait shoot or wedding when you are a photographer.  One of the most overlooked places is finding the best batteries for your camera flash.  Using the...

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Groupon Review for Photographers

We decided to put this Groupon Review for Photographers together to keep from having to email the same things over and over. After running our own Groupon on Oct. 2009, we have been asked by at least 50 different photographers from all over the nation to give advice...

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Briarhurst Manor Estate

Attention photographers, just wanted to bring Briarhurst Manor Estate to your radar.  We just finished reading through their "Vendor Advisory Letter" that they send to the vendors for weddings being held at their venue.  A few things on the form are keeping us from...

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Becoming a Wedding Photographer

Create a simple contract - Do this first. Because I am going to suggest you take some free weddings to get your feet wet, you should have a contract to protect yourself Shoot some weddings for free- If you have ever watched American Idol, Simon Cowell would interact...

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