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Professional Photographer – Toy Camera

What happens when you put Chase Jarvis, a world renouwned professional photographer together with a Lego toy camera?  DigitalRev wanted to find out and they invited Chase over to shoot with a terrible toy camera. Chase is the author of "The...

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How long should you keep your clients’ images

We've written extensively about backing up your photography and how to safely manage client images.  Now we'll address a common issue about servers getting full.  With ever-increasing file sizes, hard drives can fill up pretty quickly. So we decided to do some...

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An iPhone only wedding

I belong to several Facebook photography groups to keep up with several colleagues in the industry and see what people are talking about.  Today, a photographer posted a link to an iPhone and Instagram Only Wedding, shot by Kim A. Thomas.  The photographer who posted...

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Sony A77 Review Continues

Here are more of the 12FPS actions shots I took with the camera to test the focus and speed of the Sony A77.  If you have not read the original review, here is the...

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Sony A77 Review

Here is my review of the Sony Alpha SLT-A77VQS translucent mirrored camera "DSLR."   DSLR is in quotes because it is not a Single Lens Reflex camera.  The mirror inside the A77 is fixed and translucent and doesn't open to expose the sensor.  Rather, when a photo is...

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Backing up your photography

Backing up your photography is just about as important as the shots themselves.  Don't learn this lesson the hard way.  It is hard to know where to post this:  Photography genius, photography mistakes?  Over the past decade of professional photography, I have seen any...

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