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Directory Links Matter Yet Again

I am starting to see a trend again in Google's search that I haven't seen since 2011. The trend is to list directories in the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Back in the old days of 2011, you would see The Knot, Decidio, Party Pop and Wed Alert in the top...

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Thoughts on TapSnap™

In one of the forums I participate in regularly, a poster asked for our collective thoughts on TapSnap™ which is a kind of touch screen photo-booth alternative. Immediately I went over to the TapSnap™ website.  You would think it is TapSnap (.com) but it isn't.  It is...

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Rescued Film Project

I just watched a video from the Rescued Film Project and their work to rescue undeveloped film. Developing film that has never before been developed preserves those moments and photos which have never been enjoyed. Here is the video I really thought that it was cool...

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Where are all of your photography inquiries?

I have noticed a trend of decreasing photography inquiries even though we're ranked on the first page of Google. Those who know me know that I have had our photography website ranked in the top 3-4 of Google in both Charleston, SC and Denver, CO.  It would stand to...

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Hangin’ with the Fauxtographers

I was recently inspired when I read Seth Godin's blog post "Clawing your way to the bottom." In part, Seth says the following: "...brands that rushed to deliver low price at all costs had to figure out which corners to cut, and fooled themselves into thinking they...

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Which lens do you absolutely have to have?

Lots of questions pop up on Facebook or forums about which lenses are a must-have for your camera bag.  Sometimes they're phrased like, "what lenses should I carry for weddings" or "what lens is best for portraits"?  I am not sure if there is an absolutely, 100% right...

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