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Sony A7000 vs A6000

UPDATE: 4-2015 ~ Bought the A6000! I have to tell you, it is my all time favorite camera!! Do I buy an A7000 or a Sony A6000? Many of you who know me or read my blog  know that I am a HUGE fan of Sony's cameras.  As a professional photographer I have over 350 weddings...

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Supply and Demand Are Driving Photography Prices Down

I am not ashamed that I have an economics minor. It has helped me sort out many different challenges in my business career over the years.  I wrote a while back about why your photography inquiries are down and about how fauxtographers are hurting the industry of...

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Posing babies in a bucket – Newborn Photography Tutorial

Techniques for posing babies - newborn photography In today's newborn photography tutorial, we are teaching you how to pose babies in a bucket for that gorgeous newborn photography that clients are seeking throughout the United States. Big time baby photographers are...

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I’m a photographer – Me Too!

A friend of mine asked "what does it even mean to be a photographer anymore?" His question struck me because he is a long-time pro.  I mean like 20+ years - before digital - owned his own darkroom kind of pro.  I have never met someone who truly LOVES photography like...

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Your UPS address is going bye-bye

UPDATE 8/20/2015 In a kind of "I told you so moment" Google updated their maps.  In the article below, I write that they were gonna come down with a huge map fish-slap.  I didn't realize that it would be this bad, but hey, Google is out to make money. They simply...

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