Jonathan Betz Photography GrouponHere’s the deal

  • $49 for a one-hour session
  • On location – client’s choice in or around Colorado Springs
  • Includes $100 in studio credit

In Jonathan’s deal, he says that $100 will buy you: one 11”x14” print; one 8”x10” and one 5”x7” print; one 4”x6”, one 5”x7”, and four wallet-sized prints; and a set of 25 holiday cards plus one 4”x6” print.

After carefully analyzing costs of prints it seems that there will be a cost of about $20 for the delivered product.  So the $100 credit will pay for the $20 cost of goods sold.

So, he sold 182 sessions.  Groupon takes a standard 50% meaning that Jonathan got $24.50 per session.   With a cost of about $20, he is making $4.50 for each hour long session.

He is NOT giving away digital images, so the hope is that he will be able to upsell clients by selling them the rights to these.

Since clients can get 4×6’s, they can easily scan them to get digital images.  My advice would have been to limit the size to one 11×14 because it doesn’t fit on most home scanners.

In our experience Groupon clients who can choose the cheapest option WILL choose the cheapest option.   However, we are hoping that he will get several long-term clients or a wedding or some upsales to increase his profit.  The small averages of $4.50 per session will probably hurt his overall average.