I no longer edit my professional photos. They get edited, I just don’t do the work. In just over 10 years, I have captured about 400 weddings. I have also shot countless portrait sessions. I estimate that I have had about 1.2 million shutter clicks.

Culling, color-correction, straitening and cropping all take time. Let’s assume I spent 10 seconds on each photo in post production. That comes to 12 million seconds. Divide that by 60 and that equates to 100,000 minutes. Divide again by 60 and we get 3,250 hours. Divide that by 8 hour days, five days per week and we get almost two years in front of a computer screen.

What else could I do with two years of my life back? Two years sitting on my tail hasn’t helped my waistline and it is time that I can never ever get back.

I decided that I didn’t want to spend another moment editing. There are plenty of companies who will edit my work for me.

I looked at most of the top players in the editing industry. I ended up choosing Photographers Edit. (http://www.photographersedit.com) Editing now is as simple as shooting and uploading. After a few days, I get an email telling me it’s done. Beautiful! I then send the link on to my clients.

I got my life back. Does it cost something? Sure. I built the extra costs into the pricing.

Get back to shooting and out from behind the computer. You’ll get your life back too!!

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