Dana Dawes Photography GrouponGroupon gets punked

Dana Dawes probably contacted Groupon and was ready to give away the farm to get some business in the door.  Groupon, always willing to “help” a photographer was all too willing to oblige by featuring Dana Dawes on September 15, 2010 on their Atlanta site.

True to form, Groupon had sold over 1,000 of these sessions when something went wrong for them and for Dana.  Someone on the discussion board for the deal named “SP” figures out that Dana is using stolen images on her website and claiming them as her work.

Here is the first post from SP:

“Groupon, you are dealing with a thief here. This photographer does not own all the photos on her website.

I looked at her website and realized that as a pro myself, her lighting and conversions didn’t match up.  I then took one of her images off her website and un-distorted it, and then placed it through a recognition software that brought up this http://morgaineowensphotography.com/?p=924 — THIS is the owner of the photograph, not Dana Dawes. I would suggest you refund the money to all of these people because this person is using photos that aren’t hers to try to bring in clients. In other words, she’s a fake photographer.”

From that ‘point on, the fun begins on the discussion board.

SP: Again, Groupon – please respond – this deal is FRAUDULENT and all 1,000+ who have purchased this groupon need to know they are dealing with a FRAUDULENT BUSINESS!!!

Please start checking your photographers before you allow them to do groupons. You guys seriously have to stop putting fake businesses up on these groupons!”

From those two posts on it becomes increasingly clear that Dana Dawes has stolen several different images and claimed them as their own.  What also becomes clear is that Groupon did NOT properly screen the photographer.

While Dana Dawes eliminated the photos off of her site and Facebook page, others took screenshots to prove what she had stolen.

Here are some of the photographer who Dana stole from.

My opinion

Had one of my images been used to advertise on Groupon without my permission, I would have sued both the fauxtographer and Groupon.   Groupon is entirely responsible for not properly checking out the business prior to running that ad.

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