Women, are you tired of the same old camera bags?  Tired of carrying around something that really doesn’t match your shoes or look great while you are on a shoot.  Photo Aspects has come up with several different options for you ladies who just won’t sacrifice being fabulous — even while working.

Jill-e Carryall Camera Bag – $39

Jill-E Camera Bag is
the least expensive way to be cute while working. At only $39, it offers cute style while still being really functional. The bag is large enough for a body, three lenses, a speedlight and memory cards and batteries. Extra grip? Not sure if it will fit, but you can still capture images without ruining yours. The drawback is the design. Only colorful polkadots available for this one which can be a bit juvenile.

Shootsac – $200-ish

 offers a neoprene, wetsuit grade construction which expands to hold most any lens up to about 200mm.  They also offer interchangeable flaps so that you can match your style to your clothing.  Three pockets on each side of the bag hold your lenses or speedlights.

The cons are that the Shootsac doesn’t offer any sort of middle pocket for the camera body itself. Unlike the others reviewed here, Shootsac doesn’t give room for you to finish working, put away your camera completely and go be fabulous. Let’s say that you line up a photo shoot just before sushi downtown. You can put your lenses away, but not the camera body. So you are stuck looking like a vendor rather than a socialite.

Camera Bag – $59

The SwissGear Camera Bag is another very affordable option.  Great black bag, super affordable and matches most black heels.   The strap is adjustable to give you comfort and stability.  Being black helps this bag to go with most everything that you might be wearing.  Shooting with style is a breeze and affordable too at only $59 bucks.

Jo Totes Camera Bag – $89

The Jo Totes Noir is a very sweet bag.  Great looking, simple, black design that is not too big to carry.  Some, I mean most, camera bags are just such hosses to lug around.  Finally some style is back in our work life ladies.

Just because you have a big camera doesn’t mean you have to look lik a bafoon while you are out and about.  This bag has enough space for some personal items as well.

Kelly Moore Camera Bag – $199


The Kelly Moore Classic Camera Bag comes in several different color choices to give you the height of fabulous-ness and style.  If this color is not your bag baby, then choose from others simply by searching Kelly Moore Bag in the search box.

Look great, match anything, be fabulous.