Eco Friendly Packaging

Photo Aspects caught up with Caroline Ghetes, a Chicago Photographer, and asked her about her Eco-Friendly Packaging for Photographers. Here are some of the “tough” questions we asked her about her collection.

PA:I have seen your EcoFriendly Packaging and I absolutely love it. What prompted you initially to create this packaging collection?

CG:I am OCD. And not having a matching, consistent packaging was driving me up the wall. I then decided I needed to spend as long as it takes to find all the pieces to put together packaging made of eco-friendly materials. It took me around a month of long nights and researching, but I finally came up with packaging that I am very happy with and have gotten rave reviews from my brides!

PA: Without revealing your sources, could you give photographers an idea of what kind of cost might be associated with providing clients with this type of delivery and packaging? Are we going to add $10, $20?

CG: I would estimate it to be around $10 per client. Considering how my wedding collections begin at $4200, $10 is a VERY SMALL price to pay for impeccable photo presentation!

PA: How reliable have the sources been in delivery of your product and packaging? Sometimes, I have run into problems getting the cases that I want from my own suppliers.

CG: So far so good! I have had no problems getting any of my items as of yet!

PA: You know how busy photographers are. So what kind of time is involved in preparing this packaging for delivery?

CG: I normally spend around 15-20 minutes packaging everything up for my wedding clients. This includes sorting 4×6 prints, printing disc labels, and the actual packaging prep itself.

PA: Do you have any other projects you are working on that, like this product, will enhance our image when we deliver, interact or shoot? Basically, what other goodies are you preparing?

CG: I am actually working on some blog layout templates as well as some album templates (for Finao albums) that I will be selling in the near future. 100% of proceeds from those sales as well as the ones from my eco-friendly packaging vendor list will go to support the media team at our Spring 2011 Honduras missions trip!

PA: Where can someone purchase the packaging instructions to find out where you get all of your products made for the Eco-Friendly packaging?

CG: I have them available here: Again, 100% of proceeds will go to support travel expenses for the media team at our Spring 2011 Honduras missions trip