Clark Berry Photography GrouponI have known Clark for several years.  We met while shooting a wedding.  I was shooting video and Clark and his wife were the photographers.  Clark and Becki are awesome photographers and awesome people.

I did not knowingly give them any advice on their Groupon, but they are following the most successful pattern for their Groupon deal.

Here is the breakdown of their deal which will be very, very successful!!

  • $75 for 45 minutes to an hour session
  • In-studio only which means they don’t lose any money traveling anywhere
  • 11×14 print from the session which will limit copyright infringement via scanning since 11x14s don’t fit on most scanners.

Folks, if you want to see how to run a successful Groupon for your photography business, look no further than right here.  This is the perfect Groupon offering.

Now, it will be up to Clark and his staff to upsell to really do well, but knowing them, I have no doubts.   With stellar work and a kind and friendly staff, they will do great!  Way to go Clark and Becki!!!