Attention photographers, just wanted to bring Briarhurst Manor Estate to your radar.  We just finished reading through their “Vendor Advisory Letter” that they send to the vendors for weddings being held at their venue.  A few things on the form are keeping us from signing it.  Check out the sections below that we take issue with and every vendor/photographer should absolutely refuse to sign.  If you want to read it, you can View the full agreement

Vendor Advisory Letter First Unsignable Part –

“Entertainers and Vendors: All entertainers and vendors are required to set up one hour before the scheduled time of the event to prevent any disruption of any guest. All equipment must be removed from the premise prior to the contracted conclusion of the event.”

So did you carefully read the part that says that “all vendors are required to set up one hour prior AND all equipment (cameras) must be removed from the premise (property) PRIOR to the contracted conclusion of the event?”

Kind of not possible.  Can you imagine a band having to break down PRIOR to the contracted end time?

But, it gets worse….

Unsignable Part II 

“Food and Party Favors: Briarhurst Manor is the exclusive cater for your event, no food or beverage of any kind from being brought on the premises except by an approved vendor. If you would like to have special party favors or treats for yourself or other guest that is not a part of our menu(s), please communicate your desires to the sales staff. We will do our best to communicate your desires with our chef to make our guests event a very special one. No food or beverage of any kind may be brought on to the premise i.e.; soft drinks, punch, home made cakes, edible favors, sandwiches and fast food. You may be asked to remove any items that fit such descriptions.”

We have shot over 320 weddings now and have never heard of a venue not allowing beverages or food.  Often, when we are working for 7-8 hours we do get a bit hungry.  Since we are on the go, we always pack healthy bars in our cases so that we can grab, unwrap and go.

Quite often, we are offered “vendor meals” which generally consist of terrible ham on white bread, Doritos and a soft drink.  Basically stuff that we never eat since we shop/eat exclusively organic food.

Thus, they want us to sign something saying we won’t eat or drink anything for 7 hours in June.  Nope.

And now for the craziest one of all.

Here is the worst clause of all folks…..

“Overtime: All personal articles, guests, vendors and vendor equipment must be removed from the premise at the contracted time of the conclusion of this event. If parties wish to stay beyond the contracted conclusion time however, overtime charges of $500.00 per half hour (for any portion of a half hour) will be billed to the client(s) ,vendor.”

Read it carefully.  Yep, it says what you think it says.  If you were to go over 5 seconds past the contracted conclusion time, then they would charge you (vendor) $500.

So after this I started looking for some more information on the Briarhurst Manor Estate to see what others have experienced with them.  I started reading the reviews on Google Places ( – Search Briarhurst Manor Estate) and I was completely validated in my unwillingness to sign their form.

As you read the reviews of this place, it makes you wonder how in the world anyone would book this place.