and the future of photography

A lesson from Drywall Yes, photographers can learn something from sheet rock "Most often, those who are against the advancement of new technology are the businesses that are fully invested in old technology." A long time ago, interior walls in homes were covered with...

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Professional Camera Straps Reviews

What is the best camera strap for wedding photography? Don't want to read all of my musings? Scroll down the page to my recommendations!  Many of you know that I am a professional wedding photographer. For more than a decade, I have lugged gear around to capture the...

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Sony A7000 vs A6000

UPDATE: 4-2015 ~ Bought the A6000! I have to tell you, it is my all time favorite camera!! Do I buy an A7000 or a Sony A6000? Many of you who know me or read my blog  know that I am a HUGE fan of Sony's cameras.  As a professional photographer I have over 350 weddings...

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Rescued Film Project

I just watched a video from the Rescued Film Project and their work to rescue undeveloped film. Developing film that has never before been developed preserves those moments and photos which have never been enjoyed. Here is the video I really thought that it was cool...

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Hangin’ with the Fauxtographers

I was recently inspired when I read Seth Godin's blog post "Clawing your way to the bottom." In part, Seth says the following: "...brands that rushed to deliver low price at all costs had to figure out which corners to cut, and fooled themselves into thinking they...

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