About Us

Hi, great to meet you! We are professional wedding photographers and we started Photo Aspects several years ago. We started with several simple goals:

  • Discuss the ups and downs of photography as a profession
  • Discuss mistakes we made along the way to help others avoid them
  • And discuss what’s on the minds of photographers around the planet.

agents-001While we had our normal site, we felt that some topics would be off-limits for that blog.

We talk about boring photography economics. We talk about cameras. We talk about Groupon. We talk about backup systems for our images. We talk about night photography. And we talk about what ever interests us.

In 2014 we decided to move to Costa Rica for a while to help fight the trafficking of young girls. After watching Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, our lives were forever changed with the knowledge of human sexual slavery.

We work with locals here, educating them and praying for them.

*Disclaimer – We have affiliate links throughout the site. Last year, we made over $30 off of the links!